OpenCollective Spending Proposal

We have money collecting in our OpenCollective project, but we do not have a set way of disseminating it to contributors. This is a proposal I posted in the OpenCollective GitHub issue. I would like to hash out a full proposal here that we can adopt for disseminating funds in future.

We need to decide the following to form a concrete proposal:

  • Leadership structure - appointment, decision making
  • Hosting costs - approval, type
  • Other costs that can be approved
  • Developer contributions - appointment, amount of reimbursement



  • Contributor - a member of the Contributors team of the Github LibreTime organisation
  • Maintainer - a member of the Maintainers team of the Github LibreTime organisation
  • Administrator - a member of the Administrator team of the Github LibreTime organisation

Leadership structure

The project is lead by a board of Administrators. This board answers to the Contributors. It decides on the group of Maintainers (with the help of the existing maintainers) and administers the Open Collective. This means that members of the board have administrator accounts on the LibreTime Open Collective.

The maintainers are appointed by the board and are responsible for reviewing and merging patches as described in C4. They identify and recommend members of the community who should be made Contributors to the board. The board then considers the recommendation before making the final decision.

Contributors can override any decision by the Administrators or Maintainers by means of a General Resolution. This involves creating a bug report against the CoC repo with the proposal. This proposal then goes through a period of review and discussion before being voted on by the Contributors.

Hosting Costs

Any Contributor, Maintainer or Administrator can propose a project related to LibreTime (demo, website, documentation, etc) that will be funded by the LibreTime Open Collective. These proposals are considered by the board and if approved, the Contributor, Maintainer or Administrator can request refunds from the Open Collective by uploading the original hosting provider’s invoice to be approved by the Administrators.

Developer Reimbursements

Any Contributor, Maintainer or Administrator can request reimbursement for costs incurred relating to LibreTime (travel, conference entrance, etc). These requests must occur before the event. The board then considers the request and either approves or denies it. After the event, the Contributor, Maintainer or Administrator must submit an invoice to the Open Collective to be approved by the Administrators.

Need to refine

  • The General Resolution procedure - email, Github issue?
  • Voting/Election procedure - email, devotee?
  • Reimbursement request procedure - email, issue on a Github repo?
  • Any other cost reimbursements we want to support

Thanks for posting this @paddatrapper

Couple quick quiestions -
1 - would it be easier to comment and collaborate if this proposal was a Google doc (or something similar?)
2 - Does this proposal cover reimbursements for development and other direct contributions to the project? Just trying to determine if some of the ideas referenced here are related - LibreTime services (and other ways to sustain the project) - #2 by gusaus

Probably not. Replies can quote sections to discuss particular parts

That would be the Developer Reimbursements section, though it probably needs a better name… It also needs a bit better phrasing to explicitly include those