LibreTime services (and other ways to sustain the project)

With the LibreTime collective set up, the maintainers could run a bounty program or provide a way for folks/orgs to sponsor features.

While paid services could also be offered on the collective, there seems to be consensus around keeping that separate. That said, it might be nice to compile a list of service providers (companies or individuals) that we could reference on the LibreTime website or wiki at some point.

If it sounds like a good idea, should folks just list out what they can provide in this discussion?

This article about CiviCRM may provide some inspiration and guidance with regards to how we can sustain the LibreTime project and a core team.

These are some of the CiviCRM sustainability initiatives:

  • Make It Happen (MIH) - campaigns to get or support new features that you’d like to see into the project but which hasn’t been included within core development
  • Support for bug fixes - funding priority bug fixes
  • Paid Issue Queue - letting people with the money jump the queue and get the fixes they needed into project
  • Hire the Core Team - to develop the features for your next project (providing that it was inline with our wider objectives).
  • Partner Program - for service providers that wanted to financially support the project
  • Member Program - for end users that wanted to do the same.

Aside from hiring the core team, we probably could run similar initiatives by leveraging the LibreTime collective and Open Collective API.

Curious to get some thoughts from the LibreTime team and other stakeholders. Would these types of initiatives work for this project?

This could be a tool for providing priority support for backers and sponsors

We could also enable a sponsor button on linking out to the Open Collective and even a maintainers Patreon account

In addition to sustainability initiatives provided by LibreTime, we could dust off and actually use Open Producer collective (hosted by Open Media Foundation, 501c3) to provide any of the above for LibreTime and other OSS projects in this space.

Please join #openproducer channel in Open Collective Slack if you’d like to collaborate or partner up!