Can Libretime be made to work on a VPS which hosts multiple domains?

I am aware that this goes against the advice given on the Wiki and also in several comments on the forum. However, it would be a very good thing if I could get it to work on one domain on a shared Ubuntu 18.04 VPS. Presumably one needs to make intelligent use of the Apache VirtualHost directives.

Does anyone have any thoughts in this regard?

I managed to get Icecast2 working up to a point, before I discovered that LibreTime exists.
I use Webmin/Virtualmin as a backend for the domain hosting. I can allocate a dedicated IPv4 address to the LibreTime services or else they can use the shared IP address of the server. A dedicated address makes more sense, I think. It is easy enough to set up.

Given a domain with its own IP address and correctly configured VirtualHost entries in the Apache setup, what obstacles should I be wary of?

I wait in eager anticipation for any suggestions or comments.

I mean as long as your server can support all of the services such as postgres & rabbitmq that LibreTime uses it shouldn’t be a big deal to configure LibreTime via apache with a dedicated IP.