How to install libre to existing icecast server

Hi there guys! Recently i found out about libre time and decided to try it.
Problem is that i have working icecast server which i use to broadcast mixes and music to people via my website ( Icecast is on 80 port. Is there any way to install and try libretime without stopping current icecast server or do i need to accept installing airtime icecast configuration ?

So if you just install LibreTime through the install script it does give you the option to not install any of the new icecast config stuff. But I’d be very hesitant to install LibreTime on a server you are already using in production. It might be fine if all that this server does is run Icecast. But it might make more sense to install LibreTime on a new server (or virtual private server/VPS) and then just connect to this existing icecast server by changing the config.

LibreTime isn’t super easy to install and the current setup is designed to be installed on a basically blank server. If you just install LibreTime on a server with an existing web site it could screw up or overwrite part of your apache configuration etc. It also will install a lot of services like rabbitmq and postgresql.

Anyways, definitely don’t install LibreTime on a server you don’t have a backup of everything that you can easily restore if something goes awry.

This is just my advice. Let me know if you have any further questions etc.