Install Libretime multiple times

I wanted to install Libretime several times on my server. Does this work if I only have one IP?

Luca Stratmann

This isn’t currently supported meaning nobody has come up with a way to do this that has been tested and is installable by script. It should be possible if you are comfortable programming but it would probably be less effort to get a separate IP and VPS for each install at this point.

I guess I’ll have to find something else. :frowning:

It really depends upon the context of what else you are trying to do. LibreTime is currently ideally setup on a individual machine, virtual or otherwise. Some work has been done on dockerizing it. But in general if you want it to work out of the box without customization then it is easiest done via setting it up on a VPS or virtual machine. The IP itself isn’t as important if you forward the appropriate ports etc and make sure there aren’t any conflicts with other software running.

No need to find something else - Just run as many instances of it as you require in Docker…
Obviously you’ll need to make some changes (ports etc) so that you can have multiple instances running on different ports if you’re going to expose them all within Docker.

The build here: - uses the following memory to help you figure out capacity requirements (based on a deployment running for several weeks without a restart):

  • libretime-core - 300M
  • libretime-icecast - 2-4M (based on 40-60 concurrent subscribers/streams)
  • libretime-postgres - 250M
  • libretime-rabbitmq - 30M
  • icecast-analytics - 1-2M (based on sending streaming data back to google analytics every 60 seconds)

Things to note:

  • You’ll need to double up on the libretime-core multiple times for each install you want to run…
  • You should be fine to share the DB between each of your installs / don’t need to double this up
  • Google analytics are optional, but worthwhile
  • RabbitMQ & Icecast2 will also need to be double up X times for each install you want.

Let us know if you do go down the route and get it running!