Multiple libertime installs on separate VM’s


I’m new to here and new to libretime and so far really really impressed!

I have a huge question… I want to use libretime to replace a winmedia setup :face_vomiting: for a client. On the current winmedia setup it contains 4 radio stations.

Now, I know that libretime can only run single instances on a pc, so I want to host 4 local vm’s to run the 4 radio shows. This will work perfectly on a internal network… but how do I host these under one public IP address? Reverse proxy or can this be done with a virtual host? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Failing this… is there anyway to change/customise all the ports for libretime… I had a play earlier on the streams section and it doesn’t work… I get 404 if I don’t use 8000.

Change the port in the icecast2 setup and then connect to that port. Icecast is standard setup to use port 8000.

Many Thanks Serge, that was exactly what I did in the end. I went through all the relevant config files for both icecast and the web server for libretime and changed the ports. Quite simple but all fairly new to me.

I can now both access the gui and stream the 4 stations from one VM host server. If I find the time, I will right some sort of guide!