Soundcard input scheduled like webstreams

Libretime has a “webstream” content type which can be added to shows.
I look for a similar content feature for scheduling an external program supplied on souncard’s input for a specific duration.
Webstreams adds always some bufferization delay which can vary, so it is impossible to guarantee to get exactly the beginning of news for example, however, using a satellite receiver would resolve this problem (constant delay).

I tried to modify liquidsoap’s ls-script.liq without success, but liquidsoap can be used to play a souncard input.

Is “souncard input stream” planned in LT roadmap or could it be, as I think it could concern many users.



Unfortunately this is not on the roadmap since this is a volunteer project and we already have a lot on our plate. You could create a feature request on github with a well detailed idea and perhaps someone will take on the idea. This is an interesting idea but my station doesn’t have an immediate need for it so I’m not sure if I will be able to dedicate the time to developing it anytime soon.

Hi, maybe RTP stream can reduce the buffer delay time to nearly nothing. Barix In and Exstreamer are using BRTP for Studio - Transmitter Line.