Mixing multiple live streams

Hi folks,

I have an application that I’m wondering if can be done with LibreTime out of the box, or if it would need some customization or extra things to make work.

What I want is a radio station with multiple input sources that are mixed on a server (not switched).

So for example, I would want a “control room” source that is always live, and a “show” source that hosts connect to with their streaming client when it is time for their show. But, I would want the control room feed to be audio-mixed with the host feed when a host connects, and audio-mixed with any non-live content that is played out (station ID, pre-recorded shows, etc). The control room would handle muting their audio on the source side (probably in the analog world).

From my initial reading, LiquidSoap can do this, but not sure if LibreTime’s implementation can. Any suggestions or pointers of what to look in to?