There is no source connected to this input. Version 2

I am pulling my hair out on this one. I can not get this work. I read the old thread with this same issue, but it was left off as the person gave up.

someone said ports, all the ports on the server are open and same with the router if that would make a difference,

my shoutcast stream is working, as it shows green in the settings page, and my server shows a connection on the shoutcast side.

I have the timezone for the server and Libretime set correctly, and I also have shows with audio running in the calendar.

I have changed the settings in the config file so many times trying different stuff, I don’t know what to look at or change.

the documents do not cover this issue, or really go into detail on how this is setup other than the few examples and that it defaults to.

the server is a static IP, and the netplan was setup as the docs show in the install section.

Unless they tie into each other there is no sound on the servers sound card output, and it is set to true and alsa. (unless I need the drivers and I am going to look into that to make sure that isn’t the issue)

the install is on Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS release 20.04 focal

in the meantime i am going to figure out the logs and maybe there is something in that i missed.

well i got it so messed up now trying to do this, I have to start all over and it was a nightmare getting the darn drive setup to see 1tb.

one thing i do wish is the documentation went into more details, because even if you follow it step by step, it does not work.

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What is actually your issue ?


does not go on the air, and states there is no source connected to the input as I tried to describe above.

now that I had to wipe the server and start all over, I followed the steps one by one. Now I have a liquidsoap problem and a pypo problem that did not show up on the first install attempt. seems every install is just random at what is going to work and what doesn’t. time to spend hours trying to figure this out.