Fallback stream

I’m not sure this is even possible, but currently we use a liquid soap script so that a bunch of DJ’s can do their shows. However we also have one final fallback stream from our automation system for when no one else is doing a show.

I was wondering if their is similar functionality in libretime? (I know we could get something close using smartblocks, but our automation system does better with mixing songs, roatation, and able to do mass metadata changes)

One a side note one of the reasons we are looking at libretime is it looks like it would be easier to add and remove remote dj’s, and schedule pre recorded shows. Currently I have to add dj’s to the script manually, and add shows to the automation system myself, so I am trying to simplify my life.

So, I’m going to guess their is no way to do this in libretime.

I do wonder if I could make liquidsoap do it when nothing is playing in libretime though I am not sure my liquidsoap skills are up to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, customizing the liquidsoap config is something we have wanted to do but nobody has integrated into LibreTime. It can be done manually by modifying the liquidsoap script but you will need to know how to do that. I don’t think it would be that difficult but I also am not super well versed on liquidsoap.