Sites using LibreTime

Trying to wrap my head around this YouTube live/LibreTime flow - audio streams of live video events (there are many musicians doing them now) would be really cool… if that’s what this functionality would enable.

Kia ora!

So right now what I’ve got set up is I have a Wowza Streaming Server to which Māori Television are sending us a live video broadcast (RTMP) and then Wowza can push streams to icecast (therefore LibreTime). I’ve scheduled it so that they are a show source and can only authenticate when their show is live and then the moment they stop streaming Wowza stops sending the feed to LibreTime and LT switches back to normal playout. This allows us to automatically relay the Ministry’s live broadcasts which are happening every day around 1pm and the Prime Minister’s address at 3pm. My only issue is… TV people don’t produce for radio :sweat_smile: when you work in radio and you do live video streaming you know to always have sound. The YouTube option I tweeted was working but it wasn’t very reliable… something probably to do with drops in the live stream which my code doesn’t handle well and LibreTime switching back to schedule if the link drops.

We’ve been meaning to move onto LibreTime for a while. I only recently started working on and and it just so happen COVID19 got out of control and now New Zealand is in lockdown so we had to urgently switch over from Airtime to LibreTime (yesterday).

One feature I’d love to add to LibreTime is SRT based streaming for lower latency. Near real time (<1s latency) streaming to and from LibreTime would be amazing.

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