Sites using LibreTime


Continuing the discussion from LibreTime Demo site: Do you have LibreTime powered site? List them here and we can then compile in the wiki and/or website.

Modifying libretime "Radio Page"

WCRS-LP 92.7 & 98.3 FM in Columbus, Ohio is using LibreTime - our website is


Just curious how that site has evolved since we first started talking in Drupal land. Possibly the next site could be built on OpenProducer!


Has there been any development on OpenProducer, overhauling the wcrs website is indeed on my development agenda for the next few months. I think I need to take it piece by piece in terms of upgrading the modules and I have don’t that yet.


Now that the most important component is closer to possible, there’s reason to update and follow through with the features and funding plan discussed on the Drupal side. Especially if we can direct resources between projects and contributors via OpenCollective.


These are LT sites. I have a lot more AT ones:
My own site:
I help support these (only on the LT side) :
I will ask some of the others (music stations) that are in the install/testing phase if they want listing yet.


@JohnnyC1951Thanks for listing! Are all those Joomla powered?

@robbt @hairmare Should we have a wiki or page on the LibreTime site to list out these sites?


Hosted on Digital Ocean running Debian Jessie.


Click link to hear Libretime streaming to YouTube!


Figure i’ll chime in here -


Our odds and end made webradio called Radiocapsule is now running with Libretime. We mostly use liquidsoap tricks for 24/24 playlisting, and Libretime mostly for live shows, webstreams or delayed/pre-recorded transmissions.