Libretime Community Survey

Greetings Libretime community,

In order to get a better idea of how and by whom Libretime is used, the LibreTime maintainers and contributors would like to get feedback from the community. This will help us to focus on features that really matter.

This idea of a survey mostly comes from not knowing whether to drop support for the SysV or Upstart init system.

Sorry if the provider used for the survey is a French based service provider.

You can fill our survey using the following link LibreTime Community Survey |

Feel free to report any problem at Community survey draft · Issue #1263 · LibreTime/libretime · GitHub

Thank you for your participation and for improving Libretime!


Just filled in your survey… I like FramaSoft, it’s freedom-respecting software, as all software should be.

The survey needs some more “Comment” and “Other” options. For example, I installed LibreTime on our system. I’m a professional SysAdmin, but I’m merely one of several volunteers managing the tech at the radio station.

I started off by running an install script, which ran LibreTime as a Vagrant container on our dev server. To put it into production I copied the Vagrant contents to the production server, so the running version wasn’t really installed by any of the options provided…

Hope the survey helps!


I think, if we don’t constrain the choices to a set of answers, it will need some extra work for us to compile each comment, supposing that we will have a lot of participant in this survey. Still it is really valuable, so I added an extra custom field for specific installation method.

The goal is also to know what is broadly used, and not particularly each edge cases. And edge cases can be described in a Discourse post just like you did !

Thanks for your answer !


I wanted to fill out the survey, but I didn’t get past the installed version question. Where do I find the version that is installed?

I did find the a LibreTime Version in Settings - Status (where is says 16bff4ff9), but how does that translate to one of the versions listed in the survey?

Either you installed LibreTime from a specific version (git tag), or from the master branch at a current commit. You can either choose the specific version or specify the commit hash at which you ran the installation from.

I am unsure if you get a commit hash in the Settings Status page if you install from a specific tag. So What I would recommend is to simply past the commit hash by using the “Other” version. Or you could try to find in the git repository if your commit hash matches a specific tag (version).

After a quick search, your commit seems to refer to the alpha-9 version : Search · 16bff4ff9 · GitHub

Hope that helps.

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