Modifying libretime "Radio Page"

So my server has been running really well for the last few weeks and I wanted to tweak the player page “Radio Page” a little, add some links, maybe some tips etc.

According to the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/airtime.conf file, the only site enables is located at “/usr/share/airtime/php/airtime_mvc/public/” which looks like the setup page. The index.php file does not point to the radio player page.

Where can I find the files for the Radio Page only?


I believe the view for the radio page is here “airtime_mvc/application/views/scripts/index” This is a .phtml file since it is part of Zend PHP MVC but it might be the easiest place to modify the player page.

Thanks robbt, I am finally getting around to this. I was able to view the index.phtml file and can see where I can make some changes.

But I have a question, I just noticed that the interface is different on the player page depending if you are using the IP address or the domain name. vs. is this supposed to be that way, or do I have an issue in my configs?

You can fix the issue you are seeing on the domain vs the IP by allowing CORS requests from in the settings.

I just tried it but no change… do I need to restart any service?

I think I found the issue, I don’t have a domain name in the server… is a subdomain from my other server.

Going to have to figure this out.

It looks like you figured it out! At least on chrome the player from the radio page seems to work on both the IP and the DNS entry. Was it a CORS issue?

Btw, if you want to do really heavy customization on the player page you should consider using a real CMS like Drupal or Wordpress for the actual page (there are heaps of icecast plugins for the usual CMS solutions).

Actually nothing has changed… I added the domain name to the server, but the Podcast and and Info icons do not appear. It has always played on both, but looses functionality when using the non IP url.

I actually had a WP domain at first, and it streamed just fine, but getting the streaming info (ID3 tags) and schedule is a royal pain int he rear. Streaming works perfect with HMTL5 tags, that is not an issue.

I have not had time to play around with modifying the player page, I need to soon… time, time, time… no pun intended :slight_smile:

The Drupal based OpenProducer platform might be an option in the near future. Especially if there are stations, podcasters and individuals interested in contributing to development of a downloadable or hosted solution via OpenCollective.

I have mine running in Joomla modules

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Thanks John, I will definetly look into that, which modules did you use?

I cheated and used the flexi code custom module both times. However, they are not just simple iFrames but responsive iFrames, try resizing the page ;). The player has a special trick or two in it as well. If/when I get time I will package them as installable modules. See what you think?

Nicely done! and very cool content as well!

Oi João! Muito obrigado pelos excelentes comentários. O grande chefe aqui não gosta das minhas coisas e diz isso, mas, funciona e é melhor do que o que está no Git. Certamente, enriquece a experiência do usuário. Entre em contato comigo se desejar o código.

Nice site! Is there some type of radio station setup w/ specific features and functionality on Joomla?

Would be great if you and anyone else could list their Sites using LibreTime

Bem, eu acho que é um ótimo site, muitos não gostam do conteúdo do meu site :slight_smile:

Obrigado, Joao Herberto!

How do I remove LibreTime title in the Radio Page Title?
Station Title - LibreTime

Hello kasscomplex,
I think that most of the code for the main page is around airtime_mvc/application/views/scripts/index/index.phtml

That is at least the main page template as far as I can tell. Nobody has touched the radio page much in terms of LibreTime development so we could use someone to write some documentation for how to customize it.