Libretime no longer streaming to Icecast

Hi everyone, I’m new here and and have been testing Libretime for the last couple of weeks. I work at a community college in Los Angels and we are setting up a streaming radio station. I’ve had Libretime running on a PC with Ubuntu 18.04 without any streaming problems. For security reasons, we have to run Libretime in a VM on the school server.

We installed Ubuntu server 18.04 and Libretime Master and got Libretime and Apache running with HTTPS. We also have our ports set up to get out of the firewall. I successfully streamed outside of campus.

Everything was working, but I went into the stream setting and changed the bit rate from 128 to 192 and now the stream appears to not connect to the ice cast server. I never get a connected to server notice, only “getting information from the server” message. Libretime appears to be playing the playlist, but the on air button lights up for about 8 seconds at the beginning of each song and then goes out. If I go to the status page, I have green checkmarks all the way down. Switching back to 128 did not help.

There are only 2 difference between the physical server and the vm. Physical server used Ubuntu desktop and the vm used server. The vm server was set up to use HTTPS with apache and the physical server did not. I am a linux beginner and don’t know quite where to troubleshoot, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Libretime appears to be the solution for our radio station needs and we want it to work.

One last question, how to I upgrade Libretime Master to the current version 3 Alpha without messing things up?

Dylan O’Brien