Debugging Airtime

Hey everyone. I’m trying to set up a dev/debug environment and workflow for libretime so I can start getting into the code and making some changes that I need. (Once I learn the code a bit more I also plan to start submitting fixes)

Right now I have cloned the code into an Ubuntu VM that I have. I have installed, and it’s working for the most part. But now I’m trying to make changes to various phtml and css files. When I make the changes, they don’t show up in the application. I have tried restarted apache2 and that didn’t work. So in order to see my changes, I’m having to reinstall libretime. Is this the normal process or is there some way to restart apache/zend/libretime so that I can see my changes?

The easier setup is vagrant, this will mirror your code and implement your changes in your VM automatically. Other than database stuff it should work. We have instructions for how to get started here -

If you install using the --in-place / -i flag it will install LibreTime such as most code points back to your working copy. If I recall correctly the PHP parts rewrite the DocumentRoot and the python parts use setuptools -link files.