API & API Documentation?

Hi all,
I’m considering Libretime as an option for a community radio project I’m working on. The primary access point for the station will be through a custom website, and I would like to use Libretime (or a similar solution) for managing audio streams and broadcasts. I will need to be able to pull metadata and status of the current audio stream (“now playing,” start/stop, time(?) info, etc.), and to pull scheduling data to create an ‘upcoming shows’ and calendar section. I don’t see much information on what is currently accessible via the “v2” API in the docs, and the “We’re working on revising our API” warning there has me hesitant to commit to building on the Libretime platform even though it looks great and has many of the features I’m looking for.

Can anyone point me towards a demo API endpoint or any additional information on the existing v2 API, and perhaps shed light on any planned breaking changes to that API?


It looks like most (all?) of the API actions are documented here: libretime/api/libretime_api/permission_constants.py at main · libretime/libretime · GitHub

That seems to cover many of my use cases, but if there is a working example site or examples of calls/responses that would be very useful. Thanks!


I use the API quite a lot for our station www.rockradiouk.com

I found this to be very useful in getting the jSon I wanted …

as it lists pretty much all possiblites.

Aside from the libretime api i also use the api from Mixcloud and and api from a music litening service as 70% of our output is recorded shows and i wanted to show the actual song/ artist for everything and not just the show title or whatever the uploaded file was called cause that looks rubbish.

The main stuff i pull from LT is Show/presenter name and graphic, show times, if its live or not (displays a live icon if so), Bio and social media link. I just use the built in widget for calendar scedule as that does the job pretty well on its own and writting it from scratch was gonna be messy.