Migrating old alpha version of the software to the latest version on new hardware

Today I am installing new hardware with a fresh install of Libretime. I am following your instructions to do so.
What I did so far

  1. Install fresh Debian Bullseye 11.5
  2. Added icecast.list with ‘deb Index of /repositories/multimedia:/xiph/Debian_Testing ./’ (Debian_Testing since there is no Debian11 repository on that website)
    I did this since there seems to be a license issue so that the icecast version in the Debian repository doesn’t do TLS.
  3. added the key (for the icecast repository)
  4. updated and upgraded the server with apt
  5. Git cloned Libretime
  6. Installed Libretime
  7. Copied the music files to /srv/libretime/…
  8. This is the point where I am stuck. I need to copy the old postgresql database to the new server but since I know that for new installations the database is called libretime and my old database is called airtime I would like to know what the best way is to do so. I can change the configuration file to point to the old name but can’t I just rename the database from airtime to libretime? I know that some tables have undergone changes (like cc_files for example).
    What is the best way to do this upgrade?

Thanks for your time,