Running airtime configuration again

Well after much testing and learning I am ready to take my Libretime server public. I remember when I setup Libretime with all of the default settings that I could run the setup script again to change all of the passwords etc, but now I can’t find that howto?

Please help!


Ok, this is probably my top priority, fixing the install script. Basically most of the configuration that require changing are contained in /etc/airtime/airtime.conf
Also the icecast settings are is /etc/icecast/icecast2.xml

Like I said we need to refine/fix any bugs with the install script and come up with better documentation for how to secure the setup during and after the install.

So I found a thread on Libretime git that walked me through the changing of the passwords and it worked great. I then decided to start from scratch on an install.

I logged in to my Digital Ocean account, created a Dropplet with Debian 8.9 64bit. took 2 minutes.
SSH into the new Dropplet, installed git, then git cloned Libretime. 1 minute.
Ran install script… 3 minutes up and running, no errors.
Changed all passwords as noted on this thread ,2 minutes
Rebooted server, just to make sure everything worked, added content and I was streaming 5 minutes.
Logged into my cPanel account, added a subdomain, added an A record to the subdomain pointing server! 2 minutes.

So, about 15 minutes and I had a streaming server up and running!

New version available: 3.0.0-alpha.3
You have a pre-release version of LibreTime intalled.
Multiple major updates for LibreTime installation are available. Please upgrade as soon as possible.

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