Database problem


A while ago I’ve migrated from Airtime 2.5.2 to LibreTme. I noticed that since the migration the database isn’t being upgraded anymore with the new LibreTime releases. I’m getting various error messages pointing to missing/incorrect tables. Today I tried to upgrade our server again and it fully went down. Is there a proper procedure to bring the database configuration back in sync with the latest LibreTime version?




I’m also interested in that topic as I’m also trying to migrate from airtime 2.5 to actual Libretime version in git and I encounter the same kind of problem.

Is it possible to keep the db schema after a fresh install and only import the datas of the old airtime database ?


Hmm, unfortunately we haven’t put the time into fully documenting the best practice for migrating from Airtime 2.5 to LibreTime. This is on our todo list. In theory the database should update but it is possible that some of the upgrade.sql applications aren’t being applied properly which is what Itcrowdsource ran into. We were able to help get him going with some manual troubleshooting. We would like to get it working in terms of a straight upgrade from 2.5.

I am not 100% sure if you can do a fresh install and then just import the airtime 2.5 data without running into any issues, you could certainly try it. Please share any issues you run into when trying to update on this github issue which is where we are trying to document the best update process. Ideally we would love there to be a symbol upgrade from Airtime 2.5.x when we launch our beta version but this seems a long way off due to time limitations amongst the existing dev team. We are still chugging away at this goal though.