Liquidsoap 1.3.7 or 1.4.1?

I’m on Ubbuntu 19.10 which has liquidsoap 1.3.7 but for some reason I’m having issues decoding aac streams. I decided I’d try liquidsoap 1.4.1 and after a very recent patch I was able to install this on 19.10. Of course the problem with 1.4.1 is that the cross function has changed a bit - all for the better except I don’t quite get liquidsoap scripting language and it’s very difficult to try and get it.

What are the plans in terms of supporting newer versions of liquidsoap? Has anyone tried updating the liquidsoap scripts to work with 1.4.1?

Update: The faad package that liquidsoap uses in both of those versions doesn’t seem to like HE-AACv2 streams. Has anyone had similar issues? I am able to play HE-AACv2 streams on the old Airtime with liquidsoap 1.1.1. This problem appears to be unique to Ubuntu (or in my case 19.10). I’ve installed LibreTime on Debian and I don’t have this issue.