Ubuntu 19.10 Eon Ermine Support

I’ve opened a PR for running LibreTime on Ubuntu 19.10

I’m looking for help help from others who may have successfully run LibreTime on Ubuntu 19.10. One thing to note is that it ships with liquidsoap 1.3.7 which I think is good because it would easily bring support for he-aac streaming. Unfortunately I’m having issues with liquidsoap not properly decoding aac webstreams (icecast/shoutcast) and it can’t load the fdkaac packages properly (right now that’s not a show stopper for me).

The main reason why I’ve started with 19.10 is its latest liquidsoap version. I’ve had a lot of difficulty trying to build liquidsoap using opam… and it takes a while (e.g. opam switch create takes a long time to run and that’s just the start of it).

Aside from the two issues above with aac encoding and decoding, everything else works surprisingly well. I’m also using the python3 branch without issues (after patching some code).

I’ve managed to get LibreTime to work well on Ubuntu 19.10, except for a few caveats.

  1. HE-AACv2 decoding via FAAD doesn’t work
  2. AAC streaming (encoding) via FDKAAC doesn’t work

For those two reasons above, I feel like it’s not worth supporting Ubuntu 19.10 especially given the drop of support in July 2020. If anything I hope my “journey” will help when we have to support Ubuntu 20.