Liquid soap versions and updates

Hi everyone, this most probably is going to be a stupid question, but as i know pretty much nothing about linux, I will ask. I have been trying to work out why I can’t get the Webstream to work, I have been using the url from from my RadioBoss cloud, and today i noticed that the version was only 1. something. I then noticed a station that streams from me is 2. something, sorry for using " something " instead of the full version. I have libretime installed on a Digital Ocean V.M. running Ubuntu 18.04. I have been following the Libretime installation instructions from the Website and installing the latest version. I have now looked at the Liquidsoap website and seen that the Liquidsoap version depends on what O.S is being run. For example Debian bullseye version is whilst Ubuntu 18.04 is .
Could this be contributing to the issue, as i said, I have very little experience in Linux and commands etc.
A big thanks to all the experts who have been spending there time getting Libretime going.