Is AAC working with libretime-3.0.0-beta.1?

Before updating to Beta 1, I would like to know if the stream in AAC is working now ?

Thank you in advance.

I am unsure about that. I recently noticed that liquidsoap on bullseye doesn’t support streaming aac to Icecast: AAC encoder missing/mismatch for liquidsoap · Issue #2184 · libretime/libretime · GitHub

This is mainly because we are missing a library for encoding to aac. Needs some research.

But I would be surprised if this was working before, which version are you running ?

Hello, it doesn’t work for now; I use Libretime 3.0.0 Alpha 13.

I wait for the AAC and after, I will update my Libretime.

Thank you

You could make it work by installing liquidsoap yourself.

Some debs are build on the liquisoap github release page: