Cusom sample rate in Libretime

This is a topic on sample rate not bit rate

Is there a way to change the sample rate on a per mount basis?
It looks like one should be able to just add it to the liquidsoap config file in /etc/airtime, but that is a dynamically generated file I believe and a service restart of liquidsoap and/or a server reboot would delete all changes.


…a little bump…

I responded to the feature request you opened. I suspect it falls under the request to be able to modify liquidsoap config w/o hacking the core libretime liquidsoap config. I think that you could probably hack the source of the liquidsoap file which would be under python_apps/pypo/liquidsoap but if you were to upgrade your version of libretime this would be overwritten. So you would need to maintain your own versioning with the modifications. The ideal would be to integrate a way to hack liquidsoap into libretime’s config file but nobody has attempted this project yet. See -

Thanks robbt, I will try the hack and see what happens.