Hook into libretime to update metadata?

tl/dr: Is there a way to hook into LibreTime to update the metadata of the currently playing “song” when the track is a long mp3 with multiple tracks in it or the source is live?

I know I can update metadata manually in applications like BUTT during live shows, but my station replays long archives of live shows frequently. While I have worked out a way to script the updating of metadata to the icecast running along LibreTime, I am looking for a way to update metadata inside of Libretime before it pushes to whichever streaming servers I have configured.

This year we switched to Live365 for our streaming and licensing, and I have no way of updating their “icecast” directly. Thanks!


I don’t think there is a feature that you can use to do that, you will probably have to tweak the liquidsoap scripts.

Maybe tagging your files with chapters and tweak the liquidsoap script to use the chapters when they are present.