Wrong tab active

This is a minor inconvenience, but it’s been happening for a while so thought I’d mention it. I’m on the Calendar and I click on a show and select Schedule Tracks. The window that opens shows tabs for Tracks and Playlists. The Playlist tab is active, but the tab contents is actually Tracks (see screenshot).

This doesn’t happen all the time, only when the Playlist tab was the last one selected that most recent time I left the window. Any chance of fixing that small but bothersome bug?

I’ve seen the issue you describe happen as well. The tab selection code is a quagmire of hacky javascript code. I looked into cleaning it up a bit a while ago but never got to the bottom of all of it.

I would love to get this fixed, given it’s complexity and that the error is only cosmetic/inconvenient it has a rather low priority. My guess is that refactoring most of the code on the selection screen could be the long term solution to getting rid of this bug.