Time remaining is incorrect when adding new tracks

One of our DJs reported an interesting bug: When he adds tracks to his show the Time Remaining at the bottom of the track list displays correctly. When he re-orders the tracks he’s selected, the track list displays incorrect values, even though the sum of the track lengths hasn’t changed. He’s created a YouTube video to illustrate the problem: Libretime Scheduling Issue - YouTube

We’re running LibreTime version 6ac31f3a1, but won’t be updating until we’ve got a dev server running (We have the hardware, but the SysAdmin has been too busy to set it up)

I suspect the Time Remaining calculation and display is done with Javascript in the browser. I haven’t tried to duplicate the problem (yet), but I suspect that once the track list is saved then
the Time Remaining will display correctly in the Dashboard.

–Bob the Busy SysAdmin

Interesting, that certainly does look like a bug in the javascript. It would probably be a good idea to open an issue on github once it has been replicated.