Autoloading playlists failing randomly

We’ve noticed a random issue with “autoloading playlists” not being loaded, leaving the shows without tracks.

We have 4 LTs installs running v3.1.0 on Debian Bullseye.
The issue happened in 2 LT installs on different machines. One install is fresh and the other is an upgrade from older versions.
And it didn´t happen in 2 other installs, both upgraded.

The shows have been working fine with the lists being autoloaded correctly until a couple of days ago.
We tried recreating the blocks and lists but the issue happened again.
We’re trying recreating the shows now.

I can enclose some logs but wanted to see if this is happening to someone else.
Thanks for any hints!

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Yes, I have same issues

Good to know we’re not alone :slight_smile:
I’ve opened an issue in github

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