Music Rotation playlist help

Hey gang, so I have a question. I have a smart block of music that runs through out the day. It is set to random and dynamic but I have noticed that the same track plays at the same time everyday. Is there a way to get a good mixture of rotation for that playlist where it doesn play the same track at the same time everyday?

So is it just some of the same songs are repeated or is it exactly the same and in the same order ? We did some analysis of it and the tracks are actually random but that means that songs can repeat more often than we would consider random in and of itself from looking at it. If you didn’t want to play any songs from the previous day and had enough tracks you could do something like and filter it by not played less than 1 day ago as an additional filter which would keep the same song playing the next day.

exactly the same and in the same order

but will try the filter idea

OK so do you have this setup with autoloading playlist ? Otherwise it will just repeat the same show that you first dragged in. You need the show to be generated right before everything else via a playlist containing smartblocks.

yes autoloading playlist is selected and inside the smart block is a dynamic selection . so there should be enough logic to avoid the same song at the same time everyday

Yeah, it sounds like a static smart block, or some kind of bug, if you drag and drop the smartblock manually does it produce the same list or is it random then ?