Upload through API

Libretime friends,
We have a contributor who makes available a weekly program for download.
This file is downloaded and the ID3v2 info is manipulated by a cron script.
The only thing left to do is to automatically import this into the Libretime audio carts.
Does anybody knows if we can use the API with a CURL PUT command as in ;
$ curl -F ‘img_avatar=@/home/petehouston/hello.txt’ http://localhost/upload
but than of course with the use of the API.

any thoughts ???

I would look into how airtime_analyzer works, there is some stuff done with the REST API, but unfortunately at the moment we are still relying upon an ad-hoc API vs. something that we have actually defined explicitly so it could change.

With regards to how to import it, an RSS feed is probably the easiest format but this might be overkill for what your contributor wants to do.

So yeah there is no easy way to do this right now, the filesystem import stuff that is currently in various PRs might work along with a cron job but otherwise you will need to investigate it and see what you can figure out.