Airtime Compatible now?

Hi all,

So I saw some interesting modification to airtime, extra addons that gave more functions etc.

If they worked back in the day with Airtime, Is there a reasonable chance they will still work today?

Heres a few examples:





So yeah the workflow is similar for LibreTime but not exact, it uses a different track intake process and currently doesn’t support importation from FTP or via filesystem. As far as Piwik (aka Matomo) integration that should work because it mainly is just integration of Icecast log analysis.

Thank you - I tried following the basic install for Piwik and didn’t have much luck however thats now at the bottom of the to do list… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I am new to LibreTime, but have been running a terrestrial radio station (KPIP-LP) on Airtime for about 5 years. The computer hosting Airtime died, and I have been unable to build a Debian Wheezy machine from the archived DVD set, I am not sure why. Anyway, I did successfully install LibreTime on Ubuntu by following instructions. (It is nice when something works!) Now I have the problem of importing the tracks (~36k of them). I appear to be able to do it using the import functionality. So far, so good. In Airtime I depended on the watched directory system, as I had cron jobs bringing a number of files in from the web on a regular basis, all completely automated. I have been reading around about LibreTime, and it appears that there may be no way to replicate the automated approach. Am I right about that? I am very interested in the LibreTime project, but am not sure that in its present state it can be made to accomplish what I was doing in Airtime. I wonder whether you might have some suggestions for me in this regard? Thank you for all of the effort that you have put into LibreTime. Down the road I hope to be able to help with development, but right now I am running the radio station on Audacious, and it is kind of clunky to try to maintain a schedule that way. All suggestions are welcome.

So LibreTime has no watched directory support but I did most of the work on a filesystem based import. It watches a directory and immediately imports anything put there into LibreTime but deletes it from that directory. This could work in conjunction with a cronjob but it just needed a little bit more work. I’m willing to pur the work into getting it the final step if you want to help test or even provide feedback on it. Check out the PRs on our github. Also we have podcast importing built in which is good at ingesting a lot of content. Hope this helps.