Track Types Feature

Hey guys, just wanted to give an update on the Track Type feature. This is going to be used to better identify and organize the types of tracks, not just by genres. Works like ‘Media Types’ in SAM Broadcaster Cloud. Here’s a video preview:

I think everything we need for now is there, you’re able to test it. The dropdown on upload will be improved later on with a custom one, was thinking of adding playlists into it so when uploading you can send them directly to any playlists you choose.

For Devs:

Using the same API for live-info, you will now see track_types available.

There’s also an API for track-types (your-site/api/track-types) that will list all the types available, incase you want to use it for a select box in a plugin for example. If visibility is disabled on a track type, it won’t be shown on the drop down menu inside LT or in the API.

Here’s a good use case with the live-info in an app or website. Let’s say you want to display artwork for the show only when there’s a commercial break.

//using current track in api/live-info
$commercial_break = array("COM", "SID", "JIN");
if (in_array($curr_track_media_type, $commercial_break) ) {

	$artwork = $curr_show_artwork_url;
    $text = "Station Name - Commercial Break";

} else {

	 $artwork = $curr_track_artwork_url;
     $text = $curr_track_title;


Hi Codenift, this looks really very good too. I would like to make this update in my libretime server and try it soon.
Up today I was still keeping Xubunt 16.04 and Libretime-Master for to use Artworks. Maybe it will be better to make new install.
I think it is very attractive for nice ambience in studio works to use Artworks and logos for Media Types. Does this future works with Xubuntu 18.04 and witch Libretime version I have to install to get this working ?
In our Radio Station we use about 100 different Media-Types or shows, so your Input should be very helpful for us to manage our file system. Maybe we have to translate something in to French language, but this can be done later.
Best regards, Klaus

I already made a Pull Request, maybe it’s best if you wait until it gets merged to Libretime-Master so that you can simply make an update to the one you have. But you can use 18.04, I’m using LT with that version. I haven’t done any translation, but as far as the types, you can create a new one name them however you wish or even rename the default ones, if that works for you.