Podcast track type downloads

Is there a wa to determine the track type or give the podcast you are looking to import a unique track type before importing? As it stands it automatically goes into my music track type which messes up my smart block music playlist as I dont want podcast episodes downloaded onto it.

Also while I’m asking…is there a way to reliable track types in a batch form versus each individual track?

So track type functionality is new and we haven’t added the feature to be able to choose a track type for podcasts yet. This is a good idea and I think we have considered it but someone will need to code it.

As far as track editing, there is no batch-edit but you can choose track type during your upload through the drop-down. Multi-track editing would be another good feature to add.

So is the “default” track type for podcast set to music then

The default should have been nothing/blank, it’s possible that I set it to Music, in uploads it should reset after every session. It shouldn’t have any default set globally, but if that’s what it’s doing and if your Smart Block has the Track Type criteria set, then it will do what you’re saying. I’ll look into it to see what I actually did. It should have imported them from podcasts and left it empty instead.

A default for track types in podcasts imports sounds like a good idea. Probably for each Podcast feed separately, makes more sense.

when i change the upload category to something different any podcast i import after that change still goes into my music track type category

I’ll see if I have some time to look into this later today (needs to be set to none if imported from Podcast feed) and also see if I can add an option for Track Type on each podcast. On upload it’s just using cookies to temporarily save option for just that page, there’s no default setting. I might add an option in Settings later on for that.

Standing by to hear what you come up with

Ok, I already found the problem and will have an update for it soon. I’ll try to have something by tomorrow.

keep us posted!!!

I made a PR for it already so just have to wait until merged. For now I made a default option, it will be available via Settings, i have it global for now just to do this quick until I add option for individual Podcasts, so once you update you can use that option and set it to “None” and it will work.

Super stupid question here do I have to install an update for this feature or does it happen automatically?

You would need to do a Git pull and use the install again to update after a Pull Request is merged in Github. You will need to follow the main Libretime repository to stay updated.

Example updating:
cd libretime
sudo git pull
sudo ./install

Yeah keep in mind that any update could in theory break something in your setup, we try to test everything but edge cases slip by. In the latest PR merged we added Python 3 support which will rework all of the services etc.

got it…no worries I have a separate set up gaged specifically for these tests. But as a newbie…how do i specifically do an update? I just did :
cd libretime
sudo git pull
sudo ./install

but I’m not sure it update this Podcast type issue because when i tried it and downloaded a podcast it went right it the music folder like its beed doing.
So Im not sure I updated properly.

Also am I rockin the right version? I have Libretime Version b73adda63

So he hasn’t done the podcast specific update yet. And we haven’t merged this PR with the track type default yet. I’ll try to get to testing it today.

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