New/Experimental Features

I want to see if I put more time into Libretime after the holidays.

I’m thinking… should I add a new section in Settings>General for Experimental Options? Good way to add features that may be needed now but not 100% ready to include by default… of course it will need to be 100% functional and not break anything.

Here something I been working. Don’t mind the buttons or vintage meter, that can be changed to something modern, just thought it was cool… maybe we have option for both :).

I’ve been experimenting with some destructive editing too, recording voice over, ect… but I’ll leave that for a later time, just want to do something simple right now.

I’m just using the fields Libretime had such as cuein, cueout and replay gain, I’ll add fadein and fadeout to the table, this way I can experiment and override default. Can’t have things like commercials fading in. Thoughts?

I know there’s a few other things that were discussed here, haven’t forgot.


I’m not sure about this idea, it is interesting but it might be better handled through setting up a pull request on github and having developers (or adventurous users) test a feature that way.

My only issue with adding this is the fragility of our database upgrades. We just need to make sure that we have that working and in addition if and when we add the django backend in parallel it will require additional model modification.

But this editing feature looks awesome and so I’d love to see at the very least a PR of it so other people could play around with it.

yep, working on it. Just have to clean it up a bit, should see a PR up soon.

Hi Codenift, that’s looking very promising. A great advantage will be that we can show the audio files after they have been imported. Bravo !
I’m very satisfied with last updates of Libretime Master installed in Xubuntu 18.04.
I made new setup view days ago and now all is working for the best.
We started to make training with new Libretime users and they like the new design with covers.
Track type is also very useful to identify quickly tracks.
One thing should be modified if possible, I think it’s easy to do for you.
In our Radio station we use about 100 Track types and when I want to select one track type for import, they are shown in order like they have been created. For to upgrade the speed to find the right track type it would be much better to see them in alphanumeric order, up and downwards.
Do you think it will be possible to ad this future too ?
I hope you have nice holidays to get energy for this big work.
Best regards.

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Ok guys, made PR to Libretime that you can now test. Still more work to be done to it.

@Klaus Makes sense, we can do it that way. That simple dropdown is temporary by the way, still have plans to improve it soon since I was looking to have option to send it directly to a playlist after import. Maybe add a search to narrow the list if people are using that many.

Happy holidays! I won’t be back for 2 weeks, I work on it more when I get back.

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I made another PR to LT for alphanumeric order in Track Types dropdown menu.


Thank you very much for this news.

After new setup I started to upload many show tracks.

In our station we have show-length with around one hour. No show track is exactly 60 minutes. The most of the time when there is a show with mayor spoken content, we have the next show with music content which could easily be started some minutes earlier or later . So I think it would be very useful to have à option to make the end of a show time with soft or hard change to the next one.

Other thing is the wave editor. I think it will be possible to cut or modify mp3 files directly without decompression and new compression after work. What do you think about ?

Spend nice holidays and happy new year.

I like the idea of being able to feature-flag new stuff so users can activate “beta-mode” individually but I think it’s gonna take some time until introducing such a feature makes sense/is possible.

alphanumeric order for Track Types is runs fine in upload function !
Working with smart Blocs, the third search criteria browser was in the beginning still showing Track Types in last created order. Now, after few days this is shown in alphanumeric order too. So all is ok.
Thank you very much for this useful future.

A PR to introduce such a setting is in GitHub#1153. If we merge it it will still take a while for it to activate anything useful, though.

Hi Codenift, some time is gone and I am interest to get news if you have made some progress with editor of mp3 files ?