Unable to delete tracks from server

I’ve been running Libretime for a few months without many issues (that weren’t solved with ease!), but I’ve run into an issue which is now causing me bother.

I’m unable to delete certain tracks from the app. It states they are in a playlist, but they’re 100% not.

Looking into it, it seems linked to smart blocks which are not longer present. Is there any fix that I can apply to be able to clear up space or am I going to have to create a fresh app?

This sounds like a pretty major bug. It would be helpful to open up an issue in github.com/libretime/libretime - and then we need to verify it. I suspect that there will be an easy way to remedy it via a database command but we would also want to solve this so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

I think this might be related to https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/issues/284 or independent. I would need to verify that I can reproduce this bug and dig into the code to see. But yeah there should be a fix one way or the other. If you open up a bug issue describing what happened exactly it might improve the speed at which this is resolved and a solution is shared. Thanks for your patience.

This seems to have fixed itself, but It might be because the track is no longer within the same week?

I’ll raise a bug on the git so it can be investigated incase mine was a fluke!