Libretime - No Sound on Output

Describe the problem
When listening in, no music is playing although there is a test show playing. I have also tested this using the python script.

See photos below for streams page:

When clicking on master source or show source, it says “There is no source connected to this input.” if that helps.

To reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior.

  1. Get something to play on the station
  2. Tune in under “listen” or the icecast stream
  3. Note that no music is playing

Expected behavior
Sound should be playing

Relevant log output or error messages
Please copy and paste any relevant log output or error messages. To help you gather relevant logs, please read the troubleshooting documentation.

LibreTime version
The version of LibreTime you are running. You can find the LibreTime version on the Settings > Status page.

LibreTime version: 3.1.0

Installation method and OS / Environment
The method used to install and the operating system / environment your installation is running on.

Operating system: (e.g. Ubuntu Focal or Debian Bullseye) Ubuntu 20.04
Method: (e.g. Installer script or Docker compose) Installer Script

Thank you for any help!

Hi, did you manage to solve this problem? We had a similar problem yesterday, only this time on working Libertime. We have changed the Display of information in the player settings. And after that the sound disappeared on the radio website and on the Libertime website. At the same time, the stream of information is shown in the player. But there is no sound anywhere. We’ve been sitting here for three days trying to solve this problem. Complete madness!