There is no source connected to this input

hello libretime experts,

i can’t figure out, why I am not able to connect any sources,
my streaming settings seems all correct, no ?


Is there something obious that i am missing


i’d check to see if the ports are open on your system. assuming you’re on ubuntu you’ll have to check to see whether 8001 and 8002 are getting through the “uncomplicated firewall” that comes installed by default:

sudo ufw status

hope that helps!

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thanks , generally the firewall is not active on DO droplets, so checked and

sudo ufw status Status: inactive

i’d still like to definitively rule-out the closed port possibility… i have a vague memory of dealing with this years ago and it was a port issue – if i’m not mistaken i ended up enabling ufw and explicitly opening the ports. 8001/8002 are after all very uncommonly used. here are some useful answers that explain how to check ports:

anyone else want to chime in? am i wasting macbroadcast’s time? :wink:

Thanks, i am back to azuracast allready, libretime is a dead horse. Enjoy

Just some misconfigurations : remove the mount from the Master (or Show) source host url, it must be something like : (in your case : ). Second point : no slash (/) before the master/source mount (‘master’ instead of ‘/master’); cheerz