Station won't go on air

Hi all, just installed LibreTime for the first time in an Ubuntu 18.04, trying to get familiar with the software. For some reason, I cannot get the station to go ‘on air’. I have created shows and uploaded tracks, which show as playing. However, the on air light in the top-right corner only stays on for 5-10 seconds, before going off again. There is no sound from the stream regardless. Icecast does seem to be up and running, I can connect to the stream with VLC, but it’s just dead air.

My issue is very similar this one on the LibreTime GitHub, however it was closed last month quoting an issue with ‘long tracks’, which does not apply to me.

I have attached a copy of my log file here, which may be helpful to those more experienced than me. Doing a quick Google search on most of the lines with ‘error’ all just seem to lead back to that GitHub page, so I’m a bit lost.

I’m not sure if I have done the setup wrong (followed both the text guide and YouTube videos), but hopefully someone can shed some light on this. Thanks.

There was the same parsley when I updated Libretime this summer six months later from the February version from Git. I was on vacation, so I experimented with different versions, but the same story was with the playback. I returned to the February version, it turned out to be the most stable on Ubuntu 18.04. Try to put it. Working version: git checkout 6494680