Libretime not ON AIR

I’ve been trying to figure out why Libretime can’t stream for a long time.
ON AIR appears for a few seconds and then nothing more.
The registry statuses are all checked correctly.
I don’t see any errors.
It’s getting frustrating for me because I really can’t figure out where I’m wrong or where the problem is.
I have a Vps with Ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.
I also tried installing Ubuntu 18.04 but the same thing happens.
Is there any of you who could help me solve it?
Many thanks in advance.

You might wish to try installing with the newly release Alpha12—came out on March 28 I think.

I just did a clean install of Alpha12 yesterday (March 29) on Ubuntu20.04 on Digital Ocean and it does not have the problem you describe. The ON AIR panel does light up when it should and it does stream. I have not found anything that does not work correctly on the Alpha12 release.

See how it goes. I believe Alpha12 fixes a lot of issues that had cropped up.