No Sound on ICECAST Port

I have installed Libretime 3.0.0 on an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
Libretime plays all scheduled playlists and is connected to the stream ICECAST on port 8000. ICECAST reports LIBRETIME offline in the TAG and there is no sound although the player is running and does not give an error message. Who can help me?

We have the same here streams just hanging on authorizing … also looks like its trying to install icecast from a ppa but it doesnt contain icecast.
Clean install on vps running Ubuntu 18.04

I installed this version, unfortunately there is an issue with the webstream cutting out, but all the tech guys are trying to find a fix. I have installed this on a VM with digital Ocean.

git clone
cd libretime
git checkout 9f1e41e6fa8656d2aa2dc74d2ed07026bef38593
sudo bash install -fiap

Hope this helps

Me too. Clean install on vps running Ubuntu 18.04
I can find no errors AT ALL in any logs inc. apache2, icecast2, pypo, libretime-playout, analyser, liquidsoap etc.
It broadcasts, the ‘Listen’ button under the (unlit) On Air works.
It seems like the admin requests to Icecast2 (which I can see in debug level 4 log) are not being returned to LT. The password is being accepted by Icecast and changes in the streams settings are reflected in the Icecast status page.
A user/group issue with associated permissions maybe?
I have installed a dozen of AT and LT servers in the past, but cannot get a git-clone or alpha 10 or 9 running on a clean Ubuntu 18.04 server. We have other stations on the same server cluster working fine.

I managed to get mine going finally.
What I did, and it sounds fishy, was when the startup config wizard was run:
I found the CORS URL section at the bottom and I added my IP like this: http://123.456.789.123
And that was that - it all sprang to life.

No, I don’t get it either, but that’s the only change I made.

Scheduled tracks play also live input but webstream still cutting out after a few mins approx 10mins bu varies

First of all, many thanks for the little hints
I have really checked all systems, changed configurations but to no avail.But after I changed the “host=localhost” in the “airtime.conf” (/etc/airtime) under [rabbitmq], everything worked again after restarting the “libretime-api”, “libretime-analyzer”, “libretime-celery” and “libretime-playout” systems. The sound is there, the on-air button is red again …