Serial Episodes

I am trying out LibreTime to consider replacing an installation of RadioDJ for an internet radio station. We use a lot of prerecorded programs as it is more of a teaching / talk format. One feature that we use there that I am having a hard time deciding how to implement (if its possible) are shows that either need to play the latest episode in a folder or can play through a folder in order as one episode may build upon the last. We did it in RadioDJ by pointing the program to a directory and telling it to play the most recent episode and then using Dropbox to keep that folder updated each week. We do it on another station using StationPlaylist by having it play the tracks in a folder in alphabetical/numerical order.

Without the folder concept in LibreTime I could use the album selector but can’t see how to make sure the tracks would play in the correct order. Also like how using Dropbox I could remove files to free up space on the automation computer.

Am I missing something easy or any suggestions how to implement such programs?