The use of voice tracks

Dear Community,
During the course of this year we envision the use of voice tracks. The start would be around june/july.
My questions are: Are there Libretime users who already use voice tracks? Which software app is used to record the voice tracks? What about the mixing of the voice tracks with the music? (like talking over the intro) What with the volume of the music while the voice track is playing?

I would like to hear what the experiences are!

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Serge: We use voice tracks, but infrequently. I use Tenacity (Audacity fork) for most of my recording, but when I use another recorder I usually run it through Tenacity anyway to trim it to the right length or to add bed music. I adjust the bed music by ear when I mix it, I don’t record voice tracks + bed music in one take.

The show hosts that don’t do their shows live mostly create fully pre-recorded shows to upload to LibreTime, so there are no separate voice tracks. For those that do upload voice tracks to LibreTime, the biggest problem I see (as our de facto station librarian) is that not everyone catalogues voice tracks properly. They’re not labelled with the VTR track type, the title tracks are cryptic (“My Recording” is a favourite), and they don’t put the show name in the “Album” field (our Standard Operating Procedure; people uploading pre-recorded shows don’t do it right either).

My preferred naming convention is to use “Episode Name YY-MM-DD-VTx Intro to musictrack” in the Title field, with the show name in the Album field, and the x in VTx in the Track field.

When I’ve got all the music tracks and voice tracks uploaded I create a playlist with all the tracks in order, so that it’s easy to repeat the broadcast in another timeslot, maybe putting in different news segments or even changing the order.


Hi Bob,
Thanks for your reply. I was expecting such behaviour from the hosts despite having meetings about the topic. So i am in the process of creating an app to record the voice tracks in a way that the metadata have all the correct information in the right fields. Unfortunately only for Windows.
At the moment we have only one host who would like to use those voicetracks, all other hosts just send in a prerecorded show.
Thanks for the information.