Watched folders

Hi, we just installed the latest alpha version of Libretime and we are trying to use the feature related to the watched media folder, that we used to have in airtime.

The problem is that the documentation found in the libretime website does not apply to what we see in our screens. There is no place were one could configure a watched folder, neither when one goes to the settings. The toolbar also looks different.

Additionally, once somebody sets the media folder during the set-up, it is not possible to change that through the settings any more.

Could you please provide some help with these issues? We are trying to proceed with using libretime on our station and we keep having issues with these basic steps.

Watched folders is a work in progress, it isn’t currently supported although someone was working on implementing it and then appears to have got it working enough for their station and then didn’t have time to get it ready to integrate.
This and other issues are described on our release notes -

Here is the code for watched folders that was being worked on. I wasn’t able to get it to install when I worked on it but your mileage may vary. I plan on working on it once I do some more work on the autoplaylist UI -

Thanks robbt. This means that the documentation that the release notes point to, is not still very accurate for version 3. I think it fits more to version 2.7.

Anyways, our problem is that we have dozens of gigabytes of music that are already in a hard disk attached to the PC that runs Libretime. Is there a way to import them directly into the Libretime database? My understanding is, that if we upload them into the media folder via the interface, the music will be effectively duplicated. This is not sustainable in terms of storage. Do I get it correctly, or there is some workaround?

Well I think the big challenge is we need to finish this feature. It appears that it is working well enough for the original contributor, but it requires some manual set-up that isn’t documented. So the question is who has the time/knowledge to finish it. I think this is a major need for stations getting started, nobody wants to spend hours dragging and dropping their files into the web interface. The way my station worked around it was we were upgrading from a 2.5.2 install which had already imported all of the files. But that shouldn’t be required. I’ll try to spend more time on the libretime_watch python app to see if I can figure out what is needed to get it working for inclusion into LibreTime but I can’t promise any specifics on the timeline.

Thanks robbt. I would love to help with this, but I cannot commit any time at the moment. I will let you know if this changes, or if there is any commitment from my colleagues.

Meanwhile, we don’t expect major changes in our music collection, so I am wondering, is there a commandline solution that would use once to add the existing collection, until the feature is back?

There isn’t anything specifically built to handle this on the command-line although a poster on github claimed some success using airtime_analyzer with tools/ see