Public roadmap and a process to onboard contributors

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Does anyone else think folks would benefit from a public roadmap and a more defined process for contributing? What about seeing if we can find someone able/interested in a few hours/wk of project management?

When you take a look at the github repo you will see that the lastest commit is from april 2017,so there is no “active development” or whatsoever, from my perspective the people who are involved in this project are mostly arguing about religious reasons to use slack or not, so i would suggest get a motivated developer from and point out the most important features and enhancements that are nessesary to update the curent codebase.


@macbroadcast if you’ve abandoned this project please stop posting here.

Bumping this up as there’s been an uptick in contributions from maintainers, interest from new contributors, and some early stage financial support via

Is there still a need?

How about as some sorts of overview?

That’s a great overview! Not sure how many newcomers to the project (or even folks that already want to contribute) would even know to go there. Is there a section on ‘how to get invovled’ on or the new site in the works?

Is there a section on ‘how to get invovled’ on or the new site in the works?

Apart from the waaay to technical stuff in the main not that I know of. This is certainly an area to improve.

We probably should create a documentation task in gihub? Could actually be a good task for non coders who would like to get invovled!

Possibly we could incorporate some of these ideas on the new site?