Slow Development Activity

It seems like we all have slowed our LibreTime contribution lately. This makes sense with how crazy 2020 has been and personal lives should definitely take priority, I would like to discuss how to maintain contributors and keep development going at a steady pace. I don’t really want this to turn into a conversation about paying developers, that discussion is happening elsewhere.

My thinking was perhaps monthly, or bi-monthly meeting where we can discuss some of the notable changes, progress on development priorities and maybe highlight interesting uses of LibreTime. The Kubernetes community does something similar that we could perhaps model ours on -


I think just getting together with other LibreTime users and/or developers would be useful. I’m quite thrilled with how well LibreTime is working for our radio station, and would love to share tips and tricks with other users. I may even have a few lines of code to contribute!

I may be able to wrangle a BigBlueButton room from our local Linux Users Group for an online meeting…


Kitchener-Waterloo Linux Users Group:

I’d be keen to participate in these. Maybe bi-monthly. I was recently on a DeepSpeech community Zoom which was really useful especially getting to meet others. Sorry I’ve been so busy with other work but LibreTime is still on the back burner (especially getting those Watch Folder integrations merged in). We have the occasional bug with LibreTime which is really frustrating but also motivating for me to need to contribute more to the project. I saw an email from showing you can now ingest YouTube streams or something which was kinda interesting considering the work we did during the start of the pandemic to auto ingest live streams into LibreTime so we could help broadcast important government announcements with ease.