On Air Light and Steaming

Hey everyone, I am still learning all about airtime, even though I’ve been using for a couple of months. I’ve noticed that recently (I think), I will be streaming to IceCast but the ON AIR light is off. But, sometimes when the ON AIR light is off, I’m actually not streaming.

My question is, when I’m connected to stream and streaming, should the ON AIR light be on? Also, in screen shots in the documentation I see a master, show, AND scheduled play…but in my Libretime install I don’t have the scheduled play switch/section. Is this an update or a bug?

One last question. What services should i check if the interface says I’m streaming, but I’m not, or visa versa?

I usually look and see if icecast is working by going to http://hostname:8000 and see if I’m connected there.
If I’m not connected then I usually check the airtime-playout service to see if it is running and airtime-liquidsoap as well.

There is a status page but I’ve seen that be incorrect as well.

I don’t trust the status page at all (but my deploy is spread over multiple virtual machines anyway). I usually use systemctl status to see if anything is wrong at a quick glance.

Also, the On-Air light should be on if you are streaming to LibreTime and the stream is currently live.

I don’t know. My stream has been acting weird all week. It will be playing, but the “on air” light will be off. It will randomly disconnect from icecast, but libretime dashboard shows connected on the stream page. Today it started playing shows at the wrong time. It’s been REALLY flaky…and I’m trying to figure out how to debug all these seemingly disparate issues.

This is definitely the biggest challenge we have. I’d suggest looking at airtime-playout and airtime-liquidsoap logs and seeing if you notice anything happening in the logs. The glue connecting everything together is less reliable than I’d like.