On-Air Light goes on and off

Hey Gang,
I have 2 issues I was wondering if i could get some input.
1.) I have noticed while both listening to my stream as well as watching Libretime. My On-Air Light goes on and off intermittently. As a result my stream will go on and off. Sometime only for a few secs and others for a few min. Any idea why this would happen?

2.) I am scheduling a rebroadcast of an affiliates stream on my station. I inputed the desired streams url…I previewed it to confirm it would connect and it did, however when it is put into cued to play ON-AIR, there is just silence. Is there a reason for this…I have attempted to listen on various browser to make sure it wasn’t a browser issue. The stream I am trying to replay is also a secure stream, so i know it’s not an ssl issue. Please help

  1. I’ve seen this issue many times. It’s likely caused by issues with playout or liquidsoap. My first suggestion is to check the logs at /var/log/airtime/pypo/pypo.log and /var/log/airtime/pypo-liquidsoap/ls_script.log. Take not of the time when this happens, and share your logs here then I think someone can help find the cause. Does this only happen for some tracks? If so maybe their codec isn’t supported – what operating system are you using and what version?

  2. Again this could be a codec issue, and the liquidsoap log above should have a hint as to the problem. Share that log as well.