On-Air Light goes on and off

Hey Gang,
I have 2 issues I was wondering if i could get some input.
1.) I have noticed while both listening to my stream as well as watching Libretime. My On-Air Light goes on and off intermittently. As a result my stream will go on and off. Sometime only for a few secs and others for a few min. Any idea why this would happen?

2.) I am scheduling a rebroadcast of an affiliates stream on my station. I inputed the desired streams url…I previewed it to confirm it would connect and it did, however when it is put into cued to play ON-AIR, there is just silence. Is there a reason for this…I have attempted to listen on various browser to make sure it wasn’t a browser issue. The stream I am trying to replay is also a secure stream, so i know it’s not an ssl issue. Please help