Stream connected but not playing?

Hi Guys,

I am currently testing LT as a replacement to Sam cloud due to cost.

So far I’m liking LT however In my testing what I have done is set up a web stream from my current station so I can test. I have then scheduled this in as a show to play all day.

The On-Air light is red and the ‘Track’ time ticks along. The landing page displays the webstreams name but when I click play I get no audio.

Also when I head over to the icecast admin page it displays the title as the off-air meta data.

Any ideas?

Hosted LT on an AWS Free tier VPS.


Just to check, the way I set up mine was as follows:

  • Set up the stream as a ‘webstream’, with a stream URL & Duration
  • Created a show New show
  • Added the webstream as a scheduled track

If you set your schedule to play an uploaded track, does this work?

That’s how I’ve got mine setup…

bit odd