Stream connected but not playing?

Hi Guys,

I am currently testing LT as a replacement to Sam cloud due to cost.

So far I’m liking LT however In my testing what I have done is set up a web stream from my current station so I can test. I have then scheduled this in as a show to play all day.

The On-Air light is red and the ‘Track’ time ticks along. The landing page displays the webstreams name but when I click play I get no audio.

Also when I head over to the icecast admin page it displays the title as the off-air meta data.

Any ideas?

Hosted LT on an AWS Free tier VPS.


Just to check, the way I set up mine was as follows:

  • Set up the stream as a ‘webstream’, with a stream URL & Duration
  • Created a show New show
  • Added the webstream as a scheduled track

If you set your schedule to play an uploaded track, does this work?

That’s how I’ve got mine setup…

bit odd

Hey, this is a super important feature for us as well. We actually link to other stations in the country when there are outdoor broadcasts of importance or for midnight shows. In fact, this WAS the deciding factor for us in switching to Airtime - no need for complicated GPIO stuff or weird Pathfinder macros (anyone get that reference???)

I’ve noticed this feature isn’t working for me. A quick look at my liquidsoap logs,

2020/03/06 08:30:10 [server:3] New client:
2020/03/06 08:30:10 [lang:3]
2020/03/06 08:30:10 [lang:3] ["Invalid URL"]
2020/03/06 08:30:10 [lang:3] ["Done"]
2020/03/06 08:30:10 [server:3] Client disconnected.

which to me sounds like it’s getting the URL but it doesn’t like it.

I can confirm I can play the stream with liquidsoap on it’s own, e.g.

security = single("~/Nga_Take_AM.mp3")
web = input.http("")
radio = fallback(track_sensitive = false, [web, security])
     host = "", port = 8000,
     password = "hackme", mount = "liq.ogg",


  • Ubuntu 19.10
  • Liquidsoap 1.3.7
  • Libretime Master Branch merged with python3 & watch_folder

I actually caused this problem! I’ve patched it here: My problem might be unique to my situation however as I’m running off of the python3 branch.