LibreTime can stream to how many player servers with 1 stream?

Is there a list of the types of Player that LibreTime supports?
To how many player servers can a single live stream be sent?

  • each gets installed on a server and the radio server sends the stream to them and stream goes from there to unlimted numbers of shoutcast and icecast players

For example, 2 servers, or 2 installations, one for the playlist/dashboard and one for the players.

I’m not sure I fully understand your question.

My installation is on a single Virtual Machine and it includes everything. LibreTime incl. Icecast. I only use this to stream to a limited amount of devices (a few retail shops) but I assume it could feed a good number of players.

The number of players is probably mostly limited by the bandwidth of the internet connection and to a lesser degree on the hardware.